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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wagon Shafts: The Sequel!

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Wagon Shafts: The Sequel!

Tina takes Milt for a ride!
No more stay-at-home Seniors

Sue Logan, accessed the instructions I posted here under  "Wagon Shafts" at
to build her own shafts for almost exactly the same wagon.  She made a few modifications and sent me some pictures. Sue gave me permission to share all, as follows:

Milt is 12 and his hips and knees are getting pretty bad so he can only go on short walks now. Tina is only 7 and still needs to burn off a lot more energy. I always feel so guilty taking her for longer walks and having to leave him home.

When I saw your dad’s modification to your wagon, I thought that was the perfect solution. I already had the same wagon. I only made a couple of changes to the design.

 I decided to attach the shafts to the handle instead of directly to the wagon. Originally I attached it the same way you did but Tina was freaked out by having the wagon so close to her butt. She was a lot less nervous with a couple feet between her and the wagon. This also made the shafts easy to remove so I could haul the whole rig in my truck when I want to take the dogs to the park. I was worried that if they flipped up like yours, the PVC would break when I was driving down the highway. 

So far, it’s working great. It only took 3 trips down my driveway for Tina to get used to pulling it. We practiced with a load of bricks for a while before trying it with Milt in the wagon. I thought teaching him to sit still in it would be the hardest part. But he loves it.

Pretty cool!  What a great use for the system!  Thanks Sue. 

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