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Monday, March 12, 2012

Short Stories: Why We Should Sled our "Pets"

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I wrote this for a group on Working Malamutes, but I think this readership will enjoy it:

Why "pet" Malamute owners should train their dogs for  sled, and work with them regularly: Yes, it is by far the best exercise and training for both their bodies and minds, but I have a story that  illustrates a far more compelling excuse – er, I mean reason.

This morning my husband and I were doing the morning leash walk with our boys. My husband was getting well ahead with Nico on a long flexi, I was behind with Benny. Neither one of us are very fit right now due to injuries, but I was lagging more. I didn't want to fall too far behind  so two or three times I called out to my husband, “Could you wait for me?  Hello?  Can you wait?”

You think Mallies have selective hearing!  Husbands are way ahead on that one.  But my husband really can`t always hear very well; what with the snow being crunchy, the wind blowing and his hat down over his ears.  So I`m thinking, forget this.  Instead I drop my voice low and say in a much much quieter tone, ``Yo Nico, Whoa.”  My boy  is at least 100 - 150 feet ahead, but he stops dead in his tracks.  Rick trudges up beside him and says, “Come on Nico, lets go.”  Nico doesn’t budge. Just turns his head and looks directly behind Rick, at me.  Rick, looking to see what he is interested in also turns.   He sees me, and I smile sweetly, batt my eyelashes and say, “Darling, would you mind waiting up for me?”

Yes – Marital bliss: Women who sled their dogs have better marriages. A man who is smart enough to pay attention to his wife’s lead dog, even more so!

I've posted this pic before I think, but really, it says it all.
Nico, I  do love you -- Yes I do! We are a great team!

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